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  • Shell Beach, Herm
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Discover the smaller Channel Islands

Whether you choose to base your stay in Jersey or Guernsey, you could take the chance to explore a little further by island hopping or by joining a RIB ride or kayak exploration. Although Jersey is the largest Channel Island, both Jersey and Guernsey operate as separate ‘bailiwick’s’ or state’s governed by bailiff’s. Jersey’s bailiwick includes some lesser known nearly uninhabited islands known informally as ‘The Minkies,’ or more correctly ‘Les Minquiers’. Whereas Guernsey’s bailiwick islands include the better known inhabited islands of Alderney, Sark and Herm along with lesser know privately owned islands such as Jethou and Brecqhou.

Shell Beach in Herm

Shell Beach, Herm

Sark isthmus

La Coupée, Sark

Beach Art, Les Minquiers

Beach Art, Les Minquiers


Easily accessible from Guernsey, Herm Island has some wonderful award winning gardens and is blissfully car and bike free. Each day the Trident Boat leaves from Weighbridge place in St Peter Port bound for the tiny island just 3 miles from its coast. Measuring 1.5 by 0.5 miles, Herm’s quiet lanes and unspoilt beaches boast beautiful views and powdery sand. On a warm day you would be forgiven for thinking you’d landed on a tropical island!

There is a main village on Herm with a gift shop, pub and The White House Hotel. There are also beach kiosks dotted around the island, perfect for an ice cream or tasty fresh crab sandwich.

It is possible to take a tour of the gardens guided by the head gardener who will be happy to share the secrets of carefully planned tropical plants. Tours take place throughout the main season. It is also possible to take a Christmas shopping trip to Herm. Both can be booked from the Travel Trident kiosk in Guernsey.



Also car free, Sark’s 3 by 1.5 miles are made up of the main island and ‘Little Sark,’ joined by a narrow bridge or ‘isthmus’ called La Coupée, which connects the two. Apart from walking, horse and carriage is the usual mode of transport and the odd tractor or quad bike is used to transport luggage and goods. Sark really does have an atmosphere of yesteryear whilst at the same time being the first dark sky island in the world, leading the way with its lack of light pollution.

Sark’s main centre is ‘The Avenue’ where gift shops, food, a post office and visitor centre can be found. You can also visit the beautiful ‘La Seigneurie Gardens’ which is open to daily for visitors. Miles of pathways lead around the island where beaches, caves and natural bathing pools can be found alongside unusual monuments; the island has a rich history.

Ferries sail regularly from Guernsey to Sark throughout the year and from Jersey during the summer months. It is possible to stay on Sark, at the Stocks Hotel and La Sablonnerie, both of which can be reached by flights from local UK airports.


‘The Minkies’ and lesser known isles

Some of the smaller islands are privately owned and therefore not available to visit. However, there are a range of companies who operate day trips from Jersey and day trips from Guernsey either by boat, RIB ride, kayak or jet ski, depending how adventurous you want to be!

‘The Minkies’

A large land mass lies 9 miles south of Jersey but is mostly submerged beneath the sea. This is Les Minquiers, or ‘The Minkies’ to locals. Appearing as several small islands, the largest, Maîtresse, was once inhabited by fishermen and some old stone cottages can be found there.

Les Écréhous and Les Dirouilles

A cluster of once inhabited islands also lie to the north of Jersey. Mostly now used seasonally by fishermen, they make an interesting visit with their shallow turquoise waters and soft sand.

Guernsey’s smallest islands

The nature reserve known as Lihou Island is located to the west of Guernsey and attached via a causeway. It is open to the public and accessible when the tide is low for around two weeks each month. As well as Herm and Sark there are a few smaller islands such as Brecqhou and Jethou which are privately owned or leased. Lots of small islets can be found around the islands including four to the north of Herm known as ‘The Humps,’ Crevichon to the north of Herm, Fauconniere to the south and L’Etac de Serk, just south of Sark. Along with Burhou island, off Alderney, these are important breeding grounds for rare birds.

Plan your island hopping now

Should you wish to stay on Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney or Sark, please take a look at our accommodation details. We are happy to help advise you on arranging an island hopping itinerary should you wish to experience more than one island.