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Things to do in the Channel Islands

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World famous attractions, a wealth of history and lots of activities!

For such small islands, the Channel Islands are packed to the rafters with famous and diverse attractions ranging from reputedly the smallest chapel in the world in Guernsey to one of the most famous wildlife conservation parks at Durrell Wildlife in Jersey. Formula 1 World Champion and CART Indy Car World Series winner Nigel Mansell also has his collection of cars in Jersey, there’s also Jersey Lavender Farm, La Mare Wine Estate, a maize maze and an adventure park, whilst in Guernsey you can visit the eclectic home of Victor Hugo, take a trip to the aquarium or enjoy sub-tropical gardens. Head for Sark and discover where monks once farmed, silver mines bought wealth and the sea has left its mark on the land and produced tidal bathing pools. In Herm enjoy talks from the RHS award winning head gardener or venture to Alderney and follow the Alderney Stones sculpture trail or ride the only train line in the Channel Islands.

The Little Chapel
Sumatran orangutan
La Valette Underground Museum, Guernsey

Historical attractions

The Channel Islands’ fascinating past has also provided a wealth of historical attractions. Ancient passages, Napoleonic look outs, castles and the relics of wartime occupation have left their mark across all the islands. In Jersey you can head down the War Tunnels and really understand what life may have been like in World War II. In Guernsey you can visit the German Military Underground Hospital and walk through reconstructed street war scenes at The German Occupation Museum. All the islands have war bunkers and military towers which dot the landscape and are often open to the public.

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